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stahl-electronics logo  stahl-electronics

Hauptstrasse 15
67582 Mettenheim
Tel: + 49 (6242) 913-4266, Fax: + 49 (6242) 50-4884

stahl-electronics has specialized in cryogenic and high precision electronics. Their cryo-electronics product range comprises components like low-noise amplifiers, filters and switches. Addressed applications are quantum transport phenomena, AFM/STM, IR-sensors and ion traps. Customized electronic assemblies and are also part of their portfolio.

GPD Optoelectronics logo  GPD Optoelectronics

7 Manor parkway
Salem, NH 03079
Tel: (603) 894-6568, Fax: (603) 894-6568

GPD Optoelectronics offers cryogenic power diodes and transistors, as well as services for characterizing semiconductor devices and electronic components over the 300 K to 4 K temperature range.

Presidio Components logo  Presidio Components, Inc

7169 Construction Court
San Diego, CA 92121 U.S.A.
Contact: Fred Lagrange - Global Sales Manager - Tel: (858) 578 9390 ext 283

Presidio Components is a US manufacturer of High Rel ceramic capacitors. Our main markets are military and space applications, as well as high quality commercial markets (telecommunications, avionics, down hole oil, gas and geothermal, etc..).

Some of our high temperature products work at 500°C and above. We offer high temp chips, stacks, radial leads, and tailored shape products. We have been supplying the down hole industry for over 30 years as well as the high temperature avionics market:

Presidio also offers a unique product line of ceramic cryogenic capacitors dedicated to very low temperature applications, down to 4 K. We have been supplying parts for space and military cryogenic systems, including cryogenic imaging and deep space missions, for over 25 years:

Please contact Presidio to discuss your requirement.

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