ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, November 2003 - Summary

The 2003 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition held in Washington D.C. featured a session on the active cooling of sub-ambient electronics. Three speakers were scheduled for this session but one canceled. The following two papers were given:

J. C. Evans et al., "Design and Test of Hydrostatic Gas Bearings for a Hybrid Cryogenic Refrigerator," IMECE2003-43070. This paper described an innovative hybrid refrigeration system in which a pulse tube is directly interfaced with a reverse-Brayton stage in order to provide efficient, 10 K cooling for superconducting electronics and sensors. The focus of this paper was the design and test of the gas bearings required for the reverse-Brayton stage.

Y. Zhang, et al., "3D Electrothermal Simulation of Heterostructure Thin Film Micro-coolers," IMECE2003-42767. This paper described a model of Si/SiGe superlattice thermoelectric coolers that considers Joule heating, contact resistance, and other effects. The model results were compared with measurements and found to be in good agreement. The model was subsequently used to optimize a micro-cooler configuration.

Posted 7 April 2004

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